Saturday, December 9, 2017

December plans

In the hobby mood this month so I have plans to get several items done:

1) 8 x pulp figures: done
Sky Pirates

Asian gang members

2) 1 x zombie survivor: Done

3) 1 x wooden warrior prototype: Done

4) Finish the 6mm sci fi I started: On the painting table

5) Prime remaining on hand 6mm sci fi: next up

If I get these all done, I will move on to the next 3 items in the plan:
1) About 20 of the wooden warriors so I can play a test game with Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes
2) Batch of zombies and a few survivors so I can plan a test game with Pulp Alley-Z
3) Finishing the on hand 6mm sci-fi for a test game of Panzer Korps-Scifi

I also want to catch up on the backlog of hobby podcasts and magazines.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

October and November 2017

I was pulled away for work for two months so no progress on the hobby front. Looking forward to getting back at things in December.

I received my Pulp Alley kickstarter items...fantastic as always

I would like to finish the items below by the end of the year:
8 x pulp figures
1 x zombie survivor
1 x wooden warrior prototype
Finish the 6mm sci fi I started
Prime remaining on hand 6mm sci fi

No point.


$60 on magazine renewal
$1768 for the year. $768 over budget :(
plus $1000 total expenses at Historicon with the hotel, gas/tolls, and food.
Budget: <$1000 plus Historicon expenses.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September 2017

Continuing the hobby progress this month. I picked things up the past two weekends, but have not completed anything. Going away for work for 3 weeks will make October another slow month but things should pick up at the end of the year.

I worked on 3 batches of 6mm sci fi vehicles...2 are almost done, and the third is primed. Target is to have these done by mid-November and then finish all the on hand 6mm sci fi by end of the year.

I also jumped into a new project...wooden warriors. My plan is do do a hex crawl exploration skirmish game using Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes (with Pulp Alley and Savage Worlds being considered too). Pictures in the future after I paint my test figure.

Not a good month on the budget front. I bought supplies, cards, materials for the wooden warriors, and backed 2 kickstarters!

No points, buy some minor progress on several fronts.


$1708 for the year. $708 over budget :(
plus $1000 total expenses at Historicon with the hotel, gas/tolls, and food.
Budget: <$1000 plus Historicon expenses.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 2017

Almost no hobby progress this month. Combination of Summer activities, painting burn out, and increased workload kept to 0 across the board for painting, games, and spending.

I started some 6mm sci- fi. I am using a masking liquid to camo the vehicles with spray paint/primer. I like the look but I need a complete resupply on spray cans.

No progress this month. I have primed some 6mm sci-fi figures.


$1228 for the year. $228 over budget.
plus $1000 total expenses at Historicon with the hotel, gas/tolls, and food.
Budget: <$1000 plus Historicon expenses.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 2017 and Historicon

Noah and I spent a few great days at Historicon playing in some fabulous games. My thanks to Peter and Miles for running these games for everyone's enjoyment; each won an award for their game time slot.  I am looking forward to next year in Lancaster.

I played in 7 games (including 5 with the Junior General). Had so much fun spending some father/son bonding over toys.

I only spent $50, well below my expectations. Paint, brushes and a can of Army Painter dip. I am still in shock from not buying any figures. I then fell off the wagon and bought a bunch of 6mm sci fi figures on the last day of the month.

A few pictures from the convention before my usual painting/gaming/spending diary entry:

DAK and Dragons...GM ran 9 games over the convention; we played in 3.

Fantastic table with the catacombs.

Italian Armor vs Troll

Beautiful layout

Panzer Mk III killing the Red Dragon

Noah leading some cavalry at the Battle of Ravenna

My kind of charge

Feel bad for those horses

2nd game on the same layout

Action shot. 

Pacific Island invasion with LSNC:WW2

Peter Anderson's FOB Battle of Raab

Turned the enemy flank and brought the game to a victory for the French in the end

Kudo's to our CiC, Luke, for pressing the enemy center...twice.

Operation Battleaxe in North Africa using 3mm PicoArmor.

My British 6th RTR were about to have a hard day. The unit bases are color coded to the dice...very nice. 

Germans in the distance on Hill 208.

Junior General giving me "the look" for this picture I sent to the Countessa. 

14 x 12 figure Katzenstein 15mm units: 168 pts
Total: 168 points

14 new regiments for the Kingdom of Katzenstein

7 (all at Historicon)

Junior General and a friend playing Field of Battle in my basement

$50 at Historicon, $144 on 6mm sci fi = $194
$1228 for the year. $228 over budget...not good.
plus $1000 total expenses at Historicon with the hotel, gas/tolls, and food.
Budget: <$1000 plus Historicon expenses.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Gathering Storm

It has been almost six years since the Grand Army of Katzenstein has taken the field against an enemy on the continent. While there have been several small colonial campaign around the globe, for a time, peace reigned and the country prospered. The rise of a new Emperor in the Imperium, Miroslav-the sixth of his name, and an unlikely marriage have set in motion events that could lead to war.

Miroslav's open belligerence to the break away kingdoms that once belonged to the Imperium is no secret. Since taking the throne, some whisper of poisoning his father, the new Emperor's regiments have brought several smaller states back into the fold. After a short, sharp war, Miroslav's legions have even occupied the Kingdom of Falkenberg right on the doorstep of the Kingdom of Katzenstein. Only the Mountains of Tobsk and the Katzenstein fortress in the pass stand between the bitter enemies.

Events further South, however, threaten to spark the next war. After a hundred years of constant skirmishing, the unlikely romance between the oldest children of the ruling houses of the Duchy of North Nitch and the Duchy of South Stich could bring prosperity to both minor states. There is even talk of the union resulting in a new Kingdom of Nitch-Stitch, an outcome the Emperor would not tolerate.

In anticipation of a possible conflict, King Yertle of Katzenstein has ordered that all regiments of the Grand Army parade for his birthday. He has even called on the colonial regiments to send field forces for a series of exercises in the homeland. Could this be too much for the Emperor? With his forces being reinforced every week in Falkenberg, might the Emperor strike first?

---With the "OPFOR" forces painted, and the latest expansion to my Katzenstein army done, it is time to get back to some horse and musket gaming. It has been almost six years since my last battle...December 10th, 2011. I will use the Field of Battle rules and I plan to use some battle maps from There is an example of how to organize all of the maps to make a campaign map. This will help give some direction to the campaign.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 2017, mid year review

Half way through the year. Good progress on my painting projects and a few enjoyable games under my belt. I am looking forward to Historicon next month.

Mid-year Review
1- Katzensetin OPFOR expansion: figures on hand, in progress
   a. Finish infantry by end of January---DONE
   b. Leaders in Feb---DONE
   c. Artillery in March---DONE
   d. Cavalry by end of July (Historicon)---DONE

2- Pulp: two batches of about 30 figures each (one from Christmas, one batch to be bought at Historicon)---One batch DONE; will not do another this year.

3- 6mm Sci Fi: this will be the big new project for the year ---the focus for after finishing the KoK expansion---Postponed until Katzenstein figures are complete

4- 28mm Zombies: if I need a change up and find some of the plastic kits cheap---Purchased figures

5- Attend some conventions: NJCon, Historicon...maybe even splurge for Cold Wars or Fall In---Historicon next month

6- Spending: <$1000 for the year plus Historicon; I have been saving my change for a few years and plan to cash in for convention spending---OVER SPENT, I will need to keep Historicon spending low

7- Gaming: Keep up on my solo pulp and fantasy gaming, expand my opportunities with gamers in NJ.---SOLO gamed a few times, need to reach out to the locals again

8- Fantasy Rules: next version with updated stats, magic, and custom card deck---Continuing to TINKER

9 of the 17 cavalry regiments for the Imperial Army

8 more regiments

14 infantry regiments for Katzenstein being recruited

48 x 15mm cavalry figures: 96 points
TOTAL: 96 points

No games this month...I keep wanting to try out a Pulp Alley zombie game.

$6 for the month! (can of primer)
$1034 year to date.
$1000 for the year in my budget, plus Historicon.